AnalyticsGate for Qlik SaaS

AnalyticsGate closes reporting gap in Qlik Sense Cloud

Qlik Sense user companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based analytics. Until now, however, there was no way to generate data-driven reports in Qlik Sense Cloud and send them automatically. This gap is closed with AnalyticsGate.

The AnalyticsGate Excel add-in is fully usable with Qlik Sense Cloud. Users connect to Qlik Cloud via the Excel interface using their Qlik URL and Qlik license code. Users log in using their usual Qlik credentials. Users then have access to the Qlik Cloud database and applications in line with their individual authorization and can work analytically and plan with the data in the Excel interface.

The Reporting Suite has successfully passed the beta phase and is now available.

The AnalyticsGate reporting engine is cloud-enabled. AnalyticsGate Reporting can be used to automatically generate analyses and key figures from Qlik environments as standard reports in Excel and distribute them to any number of recipients. Currently, AnalyticsGate Reporting Cloud is already available as a prototype for beta testers. A new AnalyticsGate release with full reporting functionality is planned for July. Users will then be able to create reports based on data and visualizations from Qlik Sense Cloud via the familiar Excel front end and save them in standard formats such as PDF, Excel or HTML and distribute them by mail via Office 365, for example. Distribution can be flexible on demand by users or automated either at set times or KPI-driven.

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Connect to Qlik Cloud from the Excel interface

Use the built-in Internet Explorer or AnalyticsGate browser. Enter your Qlik Cloud URL and your Qlik license code. Log in with your Qlik user credentials as usual and access the Qlik database and application.

Use Qlik Cloud Charts in Excel

Insert a Qlik chart as an image into Excel using the Chart to Image function. If the data selection changes, the image is reloaded and updated accordingly.

Use Qlik Cloud features in Excel

Call any Qlik Cloud functions including Set-Analysis within an Excel formula in a discrete cell.

Create Qlik Cloud Standard Reports in Excel

Generate reports based on data and visualizations from Qlik Sense Cloud – ad hoc or automated at defined times or KPI-driven. Use various other output formats such as .doc, or .pdf.

Distribute Qlik Cloud Reports

Email reports dynamically to users or groups. Store reports on the network or make reports available in Qlik Sense Cloud.