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BI Training for Qlik & Sense & Excel Workers
Choose from best of three plans

Affordable Pricing

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience with AnalyticsGate 365 possible.

  • Sense Excel Basic Training
    • 1800 1 Day / incl. 4 Persons
    • Understandig the both powerful sides of Qlik & Sense Excel.

      • Introduction Qlik Sense
      • Architecture of Sense Excel
      • Design principles
      • Objects in Qlik Sense
      • Datamanager and SenseEV formulas
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Best choice
  • Sense Excel Reporting Training
    • 3600 2 Day / incl. 4 Persons
    • Based on Sense Excel Training best practice to create reports

      • Architecture of Sense Excel Reporting
      • Install SER on Qlik Sense Server
      • Design & create templates
      • Create a reporting task
      • Deploy your reports to…
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  • Data Analysis Competence
    • 4000 2 Days / max. 30 Persons
    • The data and analysis competence training

      • What should the data solve
      • Basics of a correct analysis
      • Advanced data analyzes
      • statistical pitfalls
      • Correlation and causality
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Qlik Schulungen von der AKQUINET academy

November 19th – 20th: Qlik Sense Designer
November 21st – 22nd: Qlik Sense Developer

February 4th – 5th: Qlik Sense Designer
February 6th – 7th: Qlik Sense Developer

Further training courses are available on request.
Mrs. Juliane Tschierske from our academy team looks forward to
your call on +49 40 88173-2621 or your message via the contact form.