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Reporting Suite Examples

The examples includes the Qlik app and Sense Excel templates.


SenseEV examples with: Low, Medium, High...

Financial Workbook

This business analysis model...

...is for senior managers to monitor performance within their business.

Executive Dashboard

Create a product analyse dashboard...

...sales total and sales volumes. Create different layouts, charts and designs & inlcude pictures


Create a distribution table with formated values...


How to use a pivot table functionality with Sense Excel

and create a pixel perfect Sense Excel Report.

Sales Example 2c

Extension of the ``2a_Sales-Demo`` to a SheetLoop.

We add a new heading ``Country`` in that sheetloop.

Sales Example 2b

Extension of the ``2a_Sales-Demo`` with FileLoop.

The Excel remains unchanged. We make a loop over ``Country`` this is triggered by a app task.

Sales Example 2a

How to use =SenseEV() forumlas and also Microsoft Excel

``chart objects``. Understanding how it works!

Sales Example 1

How to use =SenseEV() forumlas and import tables by click.

Create an sheetloop and set a qlik drilldown object for filtering.