Our Roadmap 2021 of Reporting Suite

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite – Engine

Everyone can upvote their favourite requested features and requests with the most backing will get added to our product roadmap.
Here is the Reporting Suite Roadmap 2021.

Support new license serverx5.0.x
Support extented Alerting calculation conditionox5.1.x
Support chart Qlik sense objectsox5.1.x
Support recipient list0x5.2.x
Support Word Template format0x5.x.x
Support global error e-mail5.x.x
Support dynamic multiple user for Qlik Sense HUB5.x.x
Support more administration settings5.x.x

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite – On-Demand

Adjust the name of reports over property panelx5.0.x
Support a new dropdown area for the export formatsx5.1.x
Support Popover with error message when report failox5.1.x
SaaS reporting interface

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite – Management Console

Support a new alerting interfacex5.0.x
Support new UI info message when job is failedx5.0.x
Support new UI recipient listox5.2.x
Support password generatorox5.x.x
Support monitoring reporting apps
Support version update info
Support global administration settings
Support variable as a filter

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