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Release Notes 4.8.0

Release Notes 4.8.0

Product Update November 2020

Highlights of our Exciting New Features!!

AnalyticsGate version “4.8.0” is now available for download. 

AnalyticsGate - Excel Add-In New Features
  • Extended chart support in Excel. Display visualizations from Qlik Sense and other providers as dynamic images in Excel.
  • Connect to Qlik SaaS (Cloud Service)
  • Retrieve Excel templates from the HUB without requiring an open App
  • SenseFilter calculations performed first upon connection to App
  • “Qlik Variable” toolbar function. Provides a list of variables from the connected App and one-click workbook inclusion
  • Report Preview for Qlik Analyzer users

See the online documentation for more information: Click here

AnalyticsGate - Management Console New Features 4.8.0
  • Support for “In-app” content in Template selection interface
  • Support for template uploads to the “In-app” library
  • Support for editing of Reporting App name
  • Notification when if the reporting script cannot be validated due to complex or incorrect syntax.
  • Improved display and controls for Reporting Task and SharedContent lists (sorting etc.).
  • Allow sending e-mails without file attachment (notification only)
AnalyticsGate - Excel Add-In BugFixes
  • Fixed: SenseCalculated function
  • Fixed: Improved workflow when loading Apps
  • Fixed: “SenseEV” function when loading Apps
  • Fixed: Cell calculation display in the right panel
AnalyticsGate - Management Console BugFixes
  • Fixed:  Bug when using numeric values in static filters
  • Fixed: Limit display Apps in list where user has “read” and “update” rights
  • Warning notification when attempting to use functions within dynamic selections (not allowed).
  • Fixed: Issue when using Bookmarks within Static Selections
AnalyticsGate - Reporting Suite BugFixes
  • Fixed: connection issues
  • Fixed: Correction of incorrect display when functions were entered in labels
  • Fixed “SheetLoop” function. Last page was sometimes not displayed
  • Correction of errors in table display. If no lines were available due to selection, an empty line is now inserted to preserve table structure
  • Fixed incorrect naming for multiple auto formats
    Fixed “MaxRow Limit” issue
  • Workaround for use of “$ sign expansion” within functions