Release Notes 5.0.0

Release Notes 5.0.0

Product Update Januar 2021

We want things to get better, don’t you? That’s why we’re all sitting Corona-compliant in our home offices – and working on making AnalyticsGate even BETTER!


For example, we have packed more horsepower under the hood of the Reporting Suite in terms of performance and optimized the task logic when processing multiple tasks (jobs).


There was also a tuning for the Management Console. Among other things, it is now possible to activate / deactivate tasks (jobs) directly in the overview.


Of course, there’s also something for the eye: We’ve spruced up the toolbar icons of the Excel add-in in the top menu bar and improved the UX Office Themes support. This makes working in dark mode even more pleasant. You want to have a look how it looks like? Download the new version here.

Highlights of our Exciting New Features!!

AnalyticsGate - Excel Add-In New Features
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge support with Embedded Browser Connection types.
  • Easier workflow for finding custom AnalyticsGate functions New “Qlik” namespace


    – SenseEV = Qlik.SenseEV
    – SenseCalculating = Qlik.SenseCalculating
    – SenseVariable = Qlik.SenseVariable
    – SenseConnected = Qlik.SenseConnected
    – SenseFilter = Qlik.SenseFilter


Legacy spellings without “Qlik.” are still supported

  • Improved User Interface with Office Themes Support

    – Colorful
    – Dark Grey
    – Black

  • General Design Enhancements
    – Improved HUB and Page Display Panel
    – AnalyticsGate Ribbon Redesign and Optimization
AnalyticsGate - Excel Add-In BugFixes
  • Improved “Qlik Chart to Excel” Workflow

  • Table links to Qlik Sense maintained in copied worksheets
    When copying a worksheet, a copy of all tables is now also created and automatically linked to the Qlik Sense data table again
AnalyticsGate - Reporting Suite Features
  • Support for dynamic pop-in/hiding of columns

  • Improved multiple Reporting Jobs task logic

  • Additional general performance optimization
AnalyticsGate - Reporting Suite BugFixes
  • Fixed – Incorrect labels for columns with similar names
AnalyticsGate - Management Console
  • Improved UI/Workflow in Report Job interface

  • Improved Dynamic (looping) and Static (Filter) selection workflow

  • Improved Reporting App overview interface

  • Ability to Activate/Deactivate specific Reporting Jobs

  • Improved notification and feedback during Reporting Job task processing
  • Additional feedback in Reporting App overview interface

  • Improved task handling when processing multiple Reporting Tasks/Jobs

  • Additional user guidance during Report Job configuration steps
AnalyticsGate - Report On Demand
  • Ability to specify Report Output Name

  • Browser behavior workflow optimizations