Release Notes 5.1.0

Release Notes 5.1.0

AnalyticsGate Excel-Add-In


  • NEW: Qlik Sense SaaS connectivity. Authentication using Qlik Sense SaaS site credentials.
  • NEW: AnalyticsGate Tools. Includes Chromium based browser to optimize login and Chart Rendering processes. Rendering capacity and stability are both increased, especially using 3rd party extensions
  • NEW: Optimized Chart Image Scaling functionality. Now possible to set image size and zoom level.
  • NEW: Global configuration options. AnalyticsGate add-in configuration settings can be saved, exported, and published to the AnalyticsGate Content library for reuse by others. Configurable parameters include default settings and accessible applications.
  • NEW: Available “restricted” version of the AnalyticsGate add-in which requires use of an existing configuration File.


  • Number format dialogue box does not open properly.
  • Incorrect selections sent to chart renderer.
  • IMPROVED: User rights validation for the Script Editor function.

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite


  • Report distribution to an FTP location
  • Publishing service for chart rendering within reports.
  • IMPROVED:  Installation workflow optimization.
  • Bugs:
    Incomplete Report delivery when using Qlik Task Scheduler.
  • Incorrect color style settings for tables.
  • Incorrect source table references with Pivot Tables.

AnalyticsGate Management Console


IMPROVED:  Enhanced visual workflow in Report Creation process

Mandatory field check during report distribution configuration.

Reporting output distribution to an FTP location

Settings panel with additional configuration parameters for .csv and .pdf output ormats.

Hints to assist with Reporting job configuration.


–              FIXED:  Referenced apps not connecting correctly during report creation within a clustered Qlik Sense environment.

–              FIXED:  .xlsm templates not displaying properly.

–              FIXED:   Incorrect display of password field in reports using certain output formats.

–              FIXED:  Display errors in some Report results

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