Release Notes 5.2.0

Release Notes 5.2.0

AnalyticsGate Excel-Add-In

Load Images Directly into your AnalyticsGate Reports!

  •  Pull Images Directly from the Web or File Location
  • Create a Product Catalog including photos of each item
  • Add a Dynamic Logo for each recipient within scheduled reports

    The new function Qlik.SenseImage(), includes images from different sources!!
    Qlik.SenseImage(“url”) loads an image directly from an URL or directory path.
    Qlik.SenseImage(“ctlib:”) loads images directly from the Qlik Sense platform.

Import multiple images (fill down/across) using AnalyticsGate’s integrated formula syntax:


=Qlik.SenseImage(“ctlib:analyticsgate:IMG_”&H8&”.jpg”) or

Learn more about this exciting new feature in our online documentation.


  • New function SenseImage()
  • Improved performance when displaying available Chart Objects
  • Updated Excel DNA to minimize erroneously triggered virus scanner alerts
  • New property “default value” for Row Limit

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite


  • Full SenseImage() Support
  • Improved QRS Caching
  • Performance Optimization


  • Incorrect images rendered when using Sheet Loop
  • CC and BCC mismatch in mail distribution
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