Train to create complex Reports

Prerequisite for the training is the completed AnalyticeGate training and rudimentary knowledge of the QlikSense Management Console (QMC). Building on the report template from the AnalyticeGate training, this course teaches you how to fully automate report creation. You will also learn to create ad hoc reports from QlikSense or Excel. Practical exercises are used to consolidate what you have learned and to develop optimal solutions.

Our training contents:

  • Possibilities with AnalyticsGate reporting
  • File-Loop
  • Sheet-Loop
  • Output options
  • Supported output formats
  • Storing and calling report templates
  • Ad Hoc reporting using report preview from Excel
  • Ad Hoc reporting using On Demand functionality from Qlik Sense
  • AnalyticsGate Management Console (AMC)
  • Creation of automated report generation

All our trainings are in English also!

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